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About the Community

Founded in 1952, the Community has evolved from its original focus on elementary school teaching to a broader approach to learning. Our ministries now include education about living sustainably, spiritual direction, retreat leadership, learning events, and healing opportunities as we continue to grow, learn, and expand our work.

Between our presence in New York City and in Brewster, NY, we share with our friends and neighbors what we are learning about living in communion with our Mother Earth. Sisters also continue their ministries of spiritual direction, chaplaincy of Episcopal Relief and Development, and working with the Diocese of New York.

In Brewster we plant, harvest and store our own organic produce, create some of our own textiles, sell produce and handmade items in our on-site Farmers Market, and worship in welcoming and inclusive services — all as part of the work of  Bluestone Farm & Living Arts Center.

We hold all of you in our hearts and prayers as we grow together into the challenges and wonder of the 21st century. May we be happy, safe and peaceful.

NOTE: During the current pandemic situation our market and worship services are not open to the public.

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