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"Green" City Convent

St. Hilda's House, NYC


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The Community of the Holy Spirit is a monastic community for women in the Episcopal Church, and a witness to the work of the Holy Spirit in the world.

The Sisters' loving service extends to all of Creation, and we recognize Earth and all life as a primary revelation of the divine.

We welcome you to share in our life and our work by following along with our blog and this website, subscribing to our e-newsletter (you can visit our newsletter archive here), and visiting us at our Community houses: St. Hilda's House in New York City and Melrose/Bluestone Farm in Brewster, NY.

The photo at left was taken at "St. Aidan's Inn", in Brewster, and represents a peaceful image of the beauty created by multiple traditions. In the same vein, CBS recently interviewed Home Nguyen (who lives on that property with The Rev. Leng Lim), talking about the value of mindful attention in our everyday lives. You can see this interview here.

Capital Campaign Updates - Decembe 2014

Our first official capital campaign update was mailed last June! If you didn't receive the mailing, or just want to check up with the progress, here is a copy. In the six months that followed that report, we were extremely busy with all the amazing work that occurred here. Of course we encountered unexpected expenses (this house is an ancient delight), but we also avoided some expenses we expected to have. That was an incredible blessing, and as a result we have been able to accomplish a whole lot more than we had hoped! Stay tuned for another update as soon as some of the ongoing dust settles!