I am one who forgot my mother could be happy with me.


Saturdays ~ February 16, 23, and March 2nd from 2 pm ~ 4 pm

$60 series plus a supply charge of  $10 which includes 8 blank cards and 8 sleeves.

All proceeds benefit Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center,

a ministry of the Community of the Holy Spirit.

Introductory SoulCollage(R) Series:  The Many Faces of Me

Our many faces are facets of our soul all springing from the one Source of all being. Some faces we ignore, hide or try to banish. Some faces we show to the world. We all reflect and embody our community of  friends, teachers and wise guides and challengers who sometimes knock us out of our comfort zone. Let's put faces to some of these characters in our journey by collaging magazine images, photos and stock pictures from the internet onto cards.

These cards we make will be the springboards into a greater pool of consciousness. With the group being our safe space to speak from the heart of the image using “I am one who...” to begin identifying with what has come from within us. As all the group witnesses, a member will scribes our words into our journal and read back to us the words we have spoken. And so we share soul to soul revealing our many faces to the degree we feel is right for us. This is sacred process. There is no cross-talk without asking permission.  We honor each card and its maker and the holy interconnection of all being.

We meet in the Center, Lower Commons art room,   112 Federal Hill Rd., Brewster, NY 10509

Parking in the lot at 118-122 Federal Hill Rd at the Bluestone rock entrance.

Instructor: Nancy S. Mahoney, MPS

SoulCollage® facilitator since 2012