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"Green" City Convent

St. Hilda's House, NYC


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As witnesses to the action of the Holy Spirit, our Community is listening to the heartbeat of the world, responding to its changes and challenges.  We participate in the unfolding journey of Earth by working to understand more fully the fragile situation that now endangers her future, and by exploring ways that our ministries can serve God's sacred creation.

Founded in 1952, the Community has evolved from its original focus on elementary school teaching to a broader approach to learning.  Our ministries now include education about living sustainably, spiritual direction, retreat leadership, and guest hospitality.

Late in 2010 we moved into a new "green" convent in Manhattan. In this urban home, we hope to share with our friends and neighbors what we are learning about how to live in communion with our Mother Earth.  (Read a profile of the new convent in this New York Times article.)

At our Melrose Convent in Brewster, about an hour from NYC, we are learning to plant, harvest, and store our own food, and weave our own textiles, as part of the work of Bluestone Farm.  

We hope that you will follow along with our work through our blogs and our photos, and perhaps even come visit us, as we grow into the challenges of this 21st century.