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Visiting Bluestone Farm

To come visit us for worship or meals, or for individual retreats, please email us.

Our address is 118 Federal Hill Road, in Brewster, NY 10509. Click here for a link to a Google Map of our location.

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St. Hilda's House, NYC


Click on the carrots to learn more about Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center, our Farm Companion program and events on the farm. Click here to see the video "The Nuns of Bluestone Farm".

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With the passing of each season, on the farm and through the church calendar, we are coming to know how agricultural, environmental, and spiritual practices are truly intertwined. Our study and our prayers have moved us toward living more sustainably in the city, and toward building a new sustainable and energy-efficient convent with an architecture that allows us to live out our values.  Our work to cultivate Bluestone Farm has given us farmers' hearts, which resonate and rejoice in the Scriptures' charge to tend the land, to give thanks for the harvest, and to see God's hand in every living thing.

As we build for the future, tend our gardens and attend to our prayers, we also read and study.  Current theological, scientific, and literary work around farming, food, and the environment informs our theology, and we are inspired particularly by the work of our friend and mentor Ellen Davis, by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, by Sister Gail of Green Mountain Monastery, by Cynthia Bourgeault and Eckhart Tolle, by Wendell Berry and Mary Oliver, and by a host of others, both in and out of the Christian tradition.

Our call to heal the soil, live sustainably, reskill, and worship on this our plot of land is upheld by friends, neighbors, and Church in an ever-widening and deepening social geography.  We find that our Community's desire to live in ever-increasing appreciation of the wonder of creation is shared widely, beyond the church, by small farmers, local food advocates, and environmentalists.  It gives us great joy to share our understanding of the spirituality of farming with this growing network: our farm is at once a gift, a work, an invitation, and a prayer.