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The "new cosmology" is an important theological strand that weaves together great scientific discoveries of recent decades with the wisdom of mystics throughout the ages.  The late Thomas Berry was perhaps the first to use this phrase in its theological context, and it has since been further developed by many others, including mathematician Brian Swimme and Sister Miriam MacGillis of Genesis Farm. The new cosmology confirms for our current day what Jesus and prophets from all religious traditions have long said — all living beings are sacred, we are all interconnected and creation is our home and our very being.

Such a fantastic universe, with its great spiraling galaxies, its supernovas, our solar system, and this privileged planet Earth!  All this is held together in the vast curvature of space, poised so precisely in holding all things together in one embrace and yet so lightly that the creative expansion of the universe might continue into the future.  We ourselves, with our distinctive capabilities for reflexive thinking, are the most recent wonder of the universe, a special mode of reflecting this larger curvature of the universe itself.  If in recent centuries, we have sought to collapse this larger creative curve within the horizons of our own limited being, we must now understand that our own well-being can be achieved only through the well-being of the entire natural world about us.  The greater curvature of the universe and of the planet Earth must govern the curvature of our own being...
Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

The Community of the Holy Spirit began our own journey into the new cosmology through conversations with our dear friend, Sister Miriam MacGillis of Genesis Farm, a member of the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell, New Jersey. She challenged our Community to focus on the following question, as we listened for guidance from the Holy Spirit:  "What are all of the unborn of the future asking of us — Episcopal Religious women entering the twenty-first century — in order that they might come into existence?"

This provided a significant expansion of the context in which we place ourselves and make our decisions, starting us on a path of learning, activity and expanded prayer. We, like many others of our time, are working faithfully and joyfully toward a world in which all beings are valued, Earth and her resources are respected and cherished, local communities become increasingly resilient, and the rich diversity of all Earth's living communities is seen as a necessary and marvelous aspect of the Sacred One.

In particular, we offer our companion "travelers" opportunities to experience what it might mean to recognize and embrace our essential spiritual nature as we are transformed from consumers into citizens. We feel our path is one more way in which human civilization might be transformed for the benefit of all.

Listen to Sister Miriam talk further about the new cosmology.