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"Green" City Convent

St. Hilda's House, NYC


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Our Sisters are devoted, intelligent, brave, creative, and visionary.  We compose beautiful liturgy, write music, weave; we study and discuss theology, science, politics, and poetry, and incorporate what we learn into our work. Our worship is inclusive and grounded in women's wisdom.  And we welcome women who have a desire for the religious life.  

Our formation process for women who come to share in our life is designed to call forth radical inner transformation, deepening encounter with God, and respect for the sacredness of all creation.

The desire to live as a Religious is a calling women have heard throughout history, since the earliest moments of the Church to this 21st century.  No matter how our times are defined—by their political, economic, scientific or religious unrest or progress—women are attracted to a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience that fully frees us to live in the world in love.  

If you feel that this may be the right path for you, we encourage you to come visit us at one or both Community houses.  Ideal candidates will possess an aptitude for learning, emotional maturity, and intimacy, and a demonstrated history of generosity, enthusiasm, reverence, prayer, and sound judgment.  Prerequisites include being confirmed Episcopalian; active in a parish; free from familial, financial, and contractual obligations; and in good health.

Our inquiry process includes an application, participation in Community work and worship, and interviews.  Coming in the first instance to fulfill budding desire and staying thereafter to offer oneself completely in loving service is the mark of a religious. If you feel you may be an inquirer to the religious life with our Community, please email the Vocations Director, or write to 118 Federal Hill Rd. Brewster, NY 10509.