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Sr. Claire Joy with Associates, Oregon 2008Associates are people (both lay and clergy) who seek an active affiliation with the Community.  They take their life of prayer seriously, or want to take it more seriously; they feel the need to be connected to and supported by others who keep the same or a similar rule of life; and they desire an affiliation that offers the promise of mutual intercessory prayer.

Associates also desire to be connected to the life and work of the Sisters, whether through prayer or through active involvement, and wish to share community life to some extent; they have a sense of the baptismal call to community, and wish to live it more fully.  Associates also support the Sisters' works financially or by gifts of their time, as they are able.

If you would like additional information about becoming an Associate, please contact the Associates Office.  Ask to see the Rules of Life, and consider how adopting such a rule might support your spiritual life. You might wish to attend some of our services in the chapel in the City convent or at Melrose/Bluestone Farm, and to get to know our Sisters and perhaps some of our local Associates.

To apply for membership as an Associate, write or call and ask for a copy of the Rules and an application form. When we receive the completed form, with your annual dues ($50.00) and a letter telling us something about you (a mini-biography), arrangements will be made to receive you at a very simple service in one of the Community's chapels or in your own parish church with one of the Sisters present, if possible.